A community with a vision is a community with a future.

In 2005, Bend 2030 worked with one in seven Bend residents to create our community’s Vision. Now it’s our mission to engage and empower the community to make the Bend 2030 vision reality. Click here to read the full Bend 2030 Vision.  Key elements include:


Bend has certainly come a long way from its traditional logging past. A thriving Central Oregon Community College (COCC) and the growing Oregon State University – Cascades branch campus are perhaps the most visible sign of this shift. But there is now a burgeoning arts community that is playing a major role in the local economy, and the Bend- La Pine School District (now the 7th largest in the state) has modified curriculum, professional development and instructional practice to better prepare students for the 21st Century.


When people talk about Bend’s “high quality of life,” they are often talking about its commitment to maintaining a healthy environment and access to outstanding recreational opportunities within Deschutes County and Bend City limits. It includes being a leader in green building practices, in sustainable development, in waste prevention and recycling, in protecting water quality and quantity for multiple uses, and protecting open spaces.


Safe, Healthy People includes interagency cooperation around disaster and emergency preparedness (e.g. fire, H1N1, etc.), poverty awareness, reducing the impact of hunger and homelessness, substance abuse prevention and treatment, and positive youth activities.


Strong Community means that Bend is a community supported by a powerful and compelling vision, open accessible leadership, collaborative community groups and an engaged citizenry which makes its viewpoints known!


Vibrant Economy focuses on efforts to create a Bend where economic growth is strong, healthy and sustainable, resulting in living wage jobs for a highly educated and well-trained workforce. This Focus Area includes economic and workforce development, and diversification of the economy.


Well-Planned City focuses on efforts to create a Bend where citizens, businesses, and agencies work closely together to create an urban environment with functional, safe, and well-funded public infrastructure along with open space and accessible places for public gathering.