Comeau_Headshot_1-2Think transportation planning is boring? The next time you’re stuck in traffic at a local Bend intersection, think again.

We’re delighted to welcome Bellingham transportation planning guru Chris Comeau to the Bend Livability Project, where he’ll share his expertise on preparing our city for a future with 40 percent more residents by 2030.

To succeed at safely and successfully moving commerce and people through our community, we’ll have to think about our road, sidewalk, bike route and transit system differently. Come learn why Chris has been able to secure $27,000,000 in grant funding for the innovative transportation work he championed in Bellingham—a city very similar to Bend.

With more than 22 years of experience in land-use and transportation, Chris lead Bellingham to  evolve from a predominantly auto-oriented community to one of the most multimodel-oriented jurisdictions in the Northwest.