E news vision builds with tabBend 2030 and Opportunity Knocks are proud to lead an exciting new initiative called the Civic Equity Project, a two-year program supporting under-represented organizations to participate in civic dialogue and decision-making in Bend.

This project is generously funded by Meyer Memorial Trust and The Collins Foundation.

Support for the project is provided by Partners in Participation, an organizational development consulting firm promoting facilitated leadership and participatory planning models.

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The Civic Equity Project brings together Bend 2030, Opportunity Knocks and Partners in Participation to support a cohort of organizations working on behalf of under-represented populations in Bend, whose voices are often missing from important decision-making conversations.

Neighborhood associations, non-profits and community groups who are working with vulnerable or under-represented populations in Bend such as low-income populations, seniors, veterans, Latino families, LGBTQ and people with disabilities are represented in this diverse cohort which is receiving the following core benefits through the Civic Equity Project:

  • Two full years of direct and robust needs-based organizational development coaching, focused on strategic planning, leadership development, outreach and communications, fundraising and long-term organizational sustainability designed to provide a major boost to the success of participating groups
  • A professionally facilitated peer-support group through Opportunity Knocks that meets monthly to offer an environment where leaders can share struggles, celebrate successes and build their confidence to engage more fully in civic decision-making
  • Advocacy trainings and hands-on experience in civic dialogue and policy development through Bend 2030’s existing housing and transportation projects
  • Support in creating a two-year strategic advocacy plan
  • Transportation and childcare costs will be provided through the program allowing low-income participants more flexibility to join

Beginning in fall 2017, trainings in organizational development skill-building and political advocacy curriculum will also be available to the public.

The project concludes in Spring 2019.


This project is the next step building on Bend 2030’s recent neighborhood association capacity-building project, which revealed that NAs were unable to drama􏰀cally influence policy because of internal organiza􏰀onal challenges.

Assessments showed that only 27% of Bend’s eleven ac􏰀tive Neighborhood Associa􏰀tions reported feeling that the city has been responsive to their requests, and over 55% requested support with basic capacities such as technology, board recruitment and succession planning (1).

Through its direct connec􏰀on to city policy-making and key sector leaders, this project will also channel input from priority populati􏰀ons directly to Bend’s City Council and key leaders.

Questions? Contact Bend 2030 Executive Director Erin Foote Morgan at erin@bend2030.org.