We’re here because change isn’t just coming. It’s here. But we’re here, too.

We got our start in 2005 as a task force that engaged one in seven residents to create a Vision of what we wanted accomplished in Bend by 2030.

Now, we engage and empower Bendites to tackle the greatest challenges standing in the way of achieving that Vision.

We do it through major collaborative projects, bringing diverse stakeholders together to find and advocate for the most broadly supported solutions to the issues we face.

Here’s our current docket:

Bend Collaborative Housing Workgroup


Charter Review

Civic Equity Project

Want to help shape our priorities and projects? Become a funder. At Bend 2030, our funders are our partners—we rely on community members and leaders invested in shaping Bend’s future to help guide our path. We’d love to have you on our team!